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Abba Patio Umbrella Review – 10% Coupons!

If you’re looking for a well-built patio umbrella to provide shade for seasons to come, the Abba Patio Umbrella does the job at a great price.
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A well-placed patio umbrella can be the difference between a backyard you’ll actually use every summer and one that’s too hot to handle. The Michigan-based Abba Patio brand specializes in outdoor canopies and umbrellas, which provide welcome shade on hot sunny days. We gave its popular 9-foot Market Table Umbrella With a Crank and Push Button Tilt a try, deploying it during a spate of 80-degree days in Portland, Oregon.

We’ve used cheap table umbrellas in the past and haven’t been impressed with their flimsy mechanisms. We wondered if the Abba Patio umbrella would be of higher quality and actually provide the shade we were looking for. Did it delight or disappoint? Read on to find out. 

Abba Patio Umbrella

Pros & Cons

What We Like About Abba Patio Umbrella

  • Classic Look
  • Wide range of colors
  • Fade-resistant fabric
  • Easy to tilt
  • Some Options Only tilts to 45 degrees


Deep shade in an instant

We took the umbrella out of the box and had it set up within minutes. All we needed to do was screw together the bottom pole (made of powder-coated aluminum to resist rust) and the top portion that holds the canopy. Then we inserted the umbrella into the hole in our table and cranked it open.

It instantly covered us in deep shade. The late afternoon sun on this 80-degree day felt particularly hot as we were puttering around the yard. But when we sat under the umbrella, we felt immediate relief. The intensity of the sun’s rays was gone, and we were left with the gentle warmth of the surrounding air tempered by delightfully cool late-spring breezes.

We found it cast enough shade to almost completely cover our 84-inch-long, 6- to 8-person rectangular table. 

The fabric of the umbrella is made with recycled polyester fabric that’s solution-dyed. This means the color is added to the actual solution that makes up the synthetic fibers, resulting in a color that’s far more resilient than fibers that have been dyed. It’s also waterproof and UV-protected to further resist fading. The company says it’s been tested to be colorfast for up to 1,000 hours in the sun. 

Though the 9-foot-round umbrella is designed to shade a four-person round table or two lounge chairs side by side, we found it cast enough shade to almost completely cover our 84-inch-long, 6- to the 8-person rectangular table.  

When we sat under the umbrella, we felt immediate relief.


Classic simplicity

There’s not much to this umbrella, but the simplicity works. It looks like a classic market umbrella, which is usually round or octagonal with a pole through the center. Market umbrellas go with pretty much any décor and can be used on their own in a stand or placed through a center hole in a table. Like most market umbrellas, the Abba Patio umbrella didn’t come with a base.

We tried just letting the bottom of the pole rest in the lawn, but at nearly 20 pounds, it’s quite heavy, so it had a hard time standing completely straight in the hole of our table. When we borrowed a neighbor’s base, it worked great. Keep in mind the manufacturer suggests a base that’s a minimum of 44 pounds when using in a table, or 55 pounds when used as a freestanding umbrella (search APBASE3C, APBASE5C, or APBASE6060 to find a matching base).

The fabric of the umbrella is made with recycled polyester fabric that’s both waterproof and UV protected to resist fading.

There’s a gap at the top of the canopy to allow heat to vent so you won’t feel like you’re baking in a bubble of heat, and it also lets the wind pass through so it doesn’t catch and break the arms or snap the pole. When we closed the umbrella, we used the hook-and-loop fastener tie to keep it securely shut.

The crank to raise and lower the canopy moves with ease. It makes a ratcheting sound when raising up and is silent when lowering. Plus, it has directional arrows so you won’t get confused and start cranking in the wrong direction and inadvertently over-extend it. When we used it, we could tell that it felt sturdy and well-made.

Ease of Use

Easy to tilt … if you’re tall

To tilt the umbrella, we simply had to press a button on the aluminum pole, up near the steel arms underneath the canopy, and gently pull the umbrella to the side. It tilts to about 45 degrees in two directions. The button was fairly easy to push and didn’t get stuck like some other umbrellas we’ve experienced. However, people who are on the shorter side might find it hard to use because it’s about 6 feet high. 

People who are on the shorter side might find it hard to use because it’s about 6 feet high.


Affordable but not a bargain

At around $80, the Abba Patio umbrella isn’t the cheapest market-style umbrella out there. A similar option from Blissun costs just half as much (around $40) and looks almost identical. It also touts the same UV and weather protection, aluminum pole, and steel arms. But according to its specs, it’s about half the weight (10 pounds versus 19.5), which means it’s likely not as sturdy. And the Abba Patio model seems to be able to back up its claims of fade-resistance. 

Most reviewers who have had the umbrella for several years say the fabric stands up well to summer sun and moisture. Those who have had problems with it tipping over and breaking in windstorms have praised the company’s quick and accommodating customer service response. And the Abba Patio umbrella is definitely more affordable than market umbrellas kitted out with LED lights and Sunbrella brand fabric, which cost $150 to $250.

Abba Patio 9-foot Market Table Umbrella With Crank and Push Button Tilt vs. FiberBuilt Umbrellas 9-foot Terrace Umbrella With Push-Button Tilt

Abba Patio’s Market umbrella is a great budget-friendly choice, offering fade- and water-resistant fabric, an aluminum pole, and steel arms. But for those with bigger budgets, the FiberBuilt market umbrella offers several durability-related upgrades. The arms (or ribs) holding up the canopy are fiberglass instead of steel, which makes them more flexible and less prone to breaking in high winds. The umbrella is tested to withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour. 

Also, the fabric is made of marine-grade Sunbrella, which is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric that is proven to be exceptionally durable and fade-resistant. However, you’ll have to pay three times more for these features, as the FiberBuilt costs $240. 


Final Verdict

A good buy!

If you’re on a budget but looking for a generously sized patio umbrella that can fit into most tables, look great, and last through several summers, the Abba Patio 9-foot Market Table Umbrella With Crank and Push Button Tilt is a great choice. It’s sturdier, more durable, and fade-resistant than cheaper options, and its price tag won’t break the bank.



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Abba Patio Umbrella Review – 10% Coupons!
Abba Patio Umbrella Review – 10% Coupons!
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